Team Members

  • Robert A "Bob" Bourgeois
    Managing Director - Baton Rouge, LA
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge LA 70808
    Robert A "Bob" Bourgeois
    Managing Director - Baton Rouge, LA

    Robert A. “Bob” Bourgeois is one of the co-founders of Starmont Advisors of Baton Rouge, LA. Bob and his partner opened the Baton Rouge office over 12 years ago. He is a life long resident of Baton Rouge. He attended LSU earning a BS and an MBA. Bob spent over 20 years with Blue Cross of Louisiana where he was Vice President of Marketing for, as he likes to say, “More years than he likes to count.”

    In his position at Keelson Advisors he has personally handled or overseen and managed the sale of over 500 businesses with many being mid market / M & A transactions with 7 figure plus values. Bob, as a certified business broker, brings a wide experience background to facilitate sellers in evaluating, structuring and marketing their businesses so as to sell them in the shortest time frame, to the best potential buyers, for the best price. Bob also has extensive experience and talent in helping buyers find “just the right business” for which they are financially qualified and financially comfortable in purchasing.

    Bob has been very active in the community belonging to many organizations such as: Sales and Marketing Executives, Chamber of Commerce, Advertising Federation, Knights of the Round Table, Christ the King Catholic Church, etc. If you are considering buying or selling a business, give Bob a call or come by and visit with Bob at his office. Let him put his years of experience and talent to work for you.

  • Alan Risher
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge LA 70808
    Alan Risher

    Alan Risher brings many years of successful sales and marketing experience to his position with Keelson Advisors. Born in New Orleans, Alan is a life long Louisiana native. He attended LSU obtaining a BS degree. Alan, a prep All-American Quarterback, starred at LSU before enjoying a five year pro career in the NFL and USFL. Alan has an extensive background in outside corporate sales management in the southeast US region. He served in the capacity as Regional Sales Manager for Fisher Scientific, the largest laboratory supply company in the world, and as Regional Sales Manager for a major health maintenance organization owned by a major hospital system.

    Alan brings a unique insight and experience to the marketing of Healthcare related companies. This insight comes from his work experience with a major medical industry related manufacturer, a large provider system and an HMO for the financing of Healthcare.

    Alan has also managed and been head coach of two arena professional football teams. From that experience, Alan became a Co-Founder and managing partner of The Team Sales Company, a company that specializes and had great success in marketing and selling a variety of professional sports teams. It is also a company that is an affiliate of Keelson Advisors.

    Alan’s great array of skills and talent has helped him become very successful in his career. He has brokered the sale of a number of professional sports franchises and a wide variety of businesses. Alan is imminently qualified to help you sell your business or to help you find the business or sports franchise of your desires.

  • Bob McFarland
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge LA 70808
    Bob McFarland
    Bob McFarland has been a Certified Business Broker with Sunbelt Business Brokers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana approaching two decades. As a seasoned veteran in this industry, Bob has tremendous knowledge and great experience in all types of business transactions. Bob has particular expertise in the restaurant and food distribution industries, having owned several restaurants and having worked for 2 of the largest food distribution companies in Louisiana. He enjoys nothing more than assisting his clients from start to finish. If you are looking to buy a good business for sale or if you have decided it is time to sell my business, contact Bob McFarland today to receive his enthusiastic hands-on approach to business sales.
  • Brandon Bourgeois
    Senior Vice President & Sponsoring Real Estate Broker
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge, LA
    Brandon Bourgeois
    Senior Vice President & Sponsoring Real Estate Broker

    Brandon A. Bourgeois is a business broker working out of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana office. He has been born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Brandon has grown up around the business working for his father Bob Bourgeois the owner. Brandon is a licensed Louisiana and Mississippi real estate broker for the company and it’s agents. During that time he worked mostly several administrative jobs while he was attending LSU.  Brandon is energetic and enjoys helping bring buyers and sellers of businesses together and helping clients invest in a good business or new franchise that fit the client’s personality and desires. If you are looking to buy a good business for sale or of the mindset it is time to sell my business, let Brandon put his talent to work for you.  Click here to view all our listings.

  • Gary Cowell
    4744 Jamestown Ave. Suite 200 Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    Gary Cowell

    Gary is a lifelong resident of the Baton Rouge area with more than 30 years of successful business experience.  Gary has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of sales, sales management, marketing and essential business practices.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Gary can help you reach your goals successfully. He applies himself fully in all aspects of his family and business by being devoted, professional, practical and proactive.  If you are considering selling your business or looking to purchase an existing company, call Gary and create a new direction for your future.

    “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

    Zig Ziglar

New Orleans